King Charles Spaniel

Group 1: Toys
Height: About 25 cm

Energy Level:  Low – Moderate
Original Function: Flushing, hunting
Lifespan: 10 – 12 yrs

Recommended for: Families, anyone.

Note: Can be confused with the Cavalier.

King Charles Spaniel

About This Breed

The King Charles Spaniel has the same ancestry as the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, they were very popular in both Europe and England, the English preferred the shorter muzzle and so with them trying to breed back the long muzzle this brought about the two breeds. The new longer muzzled dog become the Cavalier.

While they are alert they are not overly active, they make excellent lap dogs for all ages. They are highly intelligent and easy to train.

General Characteristics

Appearance: Compact and cobby, on refined lines, chest wide and deep, legs short and straight, back short and level. Tail well flagged, and not carried over the level of the back. Movement free, active and elegant.

Temperament: Reserved, gentle and affectionate.

Characteristics: Happy, intelligent, toy spaniel, with distinctive domed head.

Colour: Black/Tan, Red, Tricolour & Red/White.

Coat: Long silky, can be wavy.

Grooming: Brush the coat regularly and wash when needed. Check ears for infection and keep nails trimmed.

Exercise: regular walks and plays are enough to keep them fit and happy